Mia Syn TV Registered Dietitian NutritionistAs a dietitian, I really do believe that breakfast is the more important meal of the day. Some research shows that kids will perform better in school and adults are more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day. I shared some options for everyone.

A dairy alternative 

We know that milk is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D BUT about 25% of Americans have trouble digesting it. a2 Milk is 100% real milk BUT, it comes from cows that only produce the A2 protein as opposed to conventional cows’ milk, which contains both A1 and A2. Some research suggests that eliminating A1 may make milk EASIER to digest for certain individuals. You can find a2 milk at Publix.

My Go-To Breakfast on Busy Mornings

Nut butter on whole grain toast is my go-to breakfast on busy mornings. It’s a good combination of fiber, protein and healthy fats which will help carry you until lunchtime. I shared Naturally More’s High Protein Peanut Butter for extra staying power, which has brown rice and pea protein added. All their nut butters have flaxseeds and probiotics added as well. Probiotics are those beneficial bacteria that support our digestion and immune system.

Add more protein to your morning meal

Protein is KEY when it comes to building a satisfying breakfast and TUNA is one of the EASIEST, high quality protein sources that has those good omega-3 fats. You can incorporate it into a frittata or an open-faced tuna melt. I shared Safe Catch Wild Tuna which has the lowest mercury levels of any brand on the market. Their seasoned elite variety comes in six delicious blends that are ready to eat.

Balance your breakfast plate

We can’t forget the bacon – everyone’s favorite and it really can be part of a balanced breakfast. I shared Smithfield’s Hometown Original Bacon which you can add to a recipe or enjoy on its own with the family. Smithfield has partnered withNo Kid Hungry for their MAKE BREAKFAST, SHARE BREAKFAST CAMPAIGN. For every Smithfield breakfast item purchased now through the end of October, they will donate enough for one meal to No Kid Hungry, which helps combat childhood hunger here in the US.

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