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As a dietitian, I know there are tips and tricks to stay energized and focused throughout the day and all of them have to do with diet and exercise! Integrate these tips into your everyday routine and experience the benefits like increased mood, weight management and energy levels. Tag me on Instagram with your tips!

Nutrition and Lifestyle tips for improved energy


Don’t underestimate the need for H2O! Water makes up a large majority of our body and helps with a variety of functions including the functioning of our cells and organs, carrying nutrients to our cells and detoxification. Studies suggest that dehydration can cause fatigue and confusion. Dehydration is not always apparent so make sure to drink throughout the day starting first thing in the morning.

Small Frequent Meals

Dietitians may argue one way or the other but I am an advocate for small frequent meals to stay most energized and alert throughout the day. Each meal should be about 200-500 calories with a focus on protein and fiber for staying power. Some studies suggest that those who consume up to 6 small frequent meals per day are better able to manage their weight, as well, compared to those who consume less than 4. Everyone is different so find what works best for you.

Exercise in the morning

Yes, we aren’t all morning people but starting your day with some exercise is one way to increase energy levels and cognitive abilities. Some studies suggest that exercise in the morning is more effective at increasing energy levels than coffee! I personally am a morning exerciser but am glad to see that the research is on my side.

Focus on low glycemic carbs over simple sugars

Everyone knows that a candy bar causes your blood sugar to spike and subsequently crash shortly thereafter. It’s important to choose carbohydrates that digest slowly so that energy levels are stable. Think carbohydrates like fruit and whole grains which contain fiber which is key for slowing down the rate of digestion.

Drink coffee one hour after waking

I am not one to pass up a cup of coffee in the morning. Research suggests that we don’t feel the most energy after drinking coffee upon waking but rather it is more beneficial to enjoy a cup one hour after we wake up. This is because the hormones that keep up alert are highest when we wake up and then start to dip thereafter. So instead of reaching for a cup of joe first thing in the morning, try a glass of lemon water… and then coffee!

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