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ABC, Low Country Live Valentine’s Day With a Healthy Twist

abc lowcountry live valentines day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a healthy twist. Registered Dietitian Mia Syn, MS, RD shares fun food tips for the official day of red and pink!

I am so excited to announce that I am the new host of Good Food Friday on ABC’s Low Country Live!

This Friday we celebrated Valentine’s Day. I brought some DELICIOUS and FUN foods to enjoy the holiday – with a healthy twist.

Healthier chocolates we can enjoy for Valentine’s Day

A healthier alternative to your traditional boxed chocolates that tastes just as good: Chocolate Puffs by I Heart Keenwah that taste like a healthier version of a malt ball. Crispy  quinoa puffs covered in organic, fair trade dark chocolate and much lower in sugar than traditional boxed chocolates. They also have quite a bit of fiber and protein from the quinoa, which is a whole grain.

Make Valentine’s Day Desserts that are both festive and healthy

I use RED organic super foods by Navitas Naturals to make some festive Valentine’s Day goodies. Goji berries and goji berry powder are surprisingly high in protein while their pomegranate powder, is a great source of vitamin C. These are considered “super foods”, which is a general, non-medical term often used to describe foods that have a high level of nutrients relative to the amount of calories they contain. This is made apparent by reading the nutrition facts label. I used these to make a pomegranate parfait and goji berries cookies!

Festive and functional Valentine’s Day Beverages 

You can make your Valentine’s Day beverages healthy and delicious by sweetening them with pink and red fruits instead of sugar.I made a Valentine’s Day punch using Uncle Matt’s Organic grapefruit juice and grapefruit water with probiotics.I love this brand because there is no added sugar or preservatives, they make products from organic citrus so they are high in vitamin C and the water has probiotics added which are beneficial bacteria that support a healthy digestion and immune system.

A local sweet treat

I shared a convenient sweet treat from our local friends at Cupcake DownSouth. Their Red Velvet Heart Cake is their Valentine’s Day special and it also comes in vanilla and chocolate. Some of their February cupcakes include their Chocolate Raspberry and White Chocolate Strawberry Champagne. They bake their cupcakes fresh daily using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. They also have heart sparklers for Valentine’s Day to top your cakes with, which adds a little sparkle to your sweets!

You can watch more tips on ABC WCIV-TV!
abc lowcountry live valentines day


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