CBS, Your Carolina: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day is this weekend! Yesterday on CBS Your Carolina I shared some fun and unique gifts that mom can actually use all year round. Here are some tips I shared and others that didn’t make it on TV!

Give mom an at-home spa day

What mom doesn’t love to be pampered? I shared the Teasan 28 Day beauty regimen which is a sort of at-home spa treatment. It’s really unique because it’s designed to cleanse and nourish your skin from the inside out! You drink a tea made with alfalfa and fennel and use the facial cream made with primrose oil and rosemary. They are supposed to work together!

Cheers to the best momma!

For wine-loving moms I shared the Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose. It’s their new translucent bottle, which is stunning. Its made with a blend of chardonnay and malbec which results in its pink color. Cheers to the best momma!


Refresh mom’s cookware with something eco-friendly that will last for decades! I am currently obsessing over Greenpan which is a healthy ceramic, non-stick cookware. Easy to clean and non-toxic. 

Something personal

Every mother loves a personalized gift. I shared a custom-made metal print of me and my mom by Nation’s Photo Lab. They specialize in innovative, high quality photo prints and décor. Something mom can keep forever!

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