Media Personality

Mia is one of the most recognized and trusted young dietitians in the media appearing as a food and nutrition expert on television across the nation including the southeast, California, and Chicago. Mia combines her broadcast media background with her food and nutrition expertise to bring credibility and excitement to nutritional messaging on television, social media and digital platforms. 

Recipe Development

Mia has developed and shared over 500 recipes online and is one of the most recognized Registered Dietitian food bloggers online. Besides being proficient in the nutritional analysis and food science aspects of recipe development, Mia also brings creativity, and competency in photography, videography, editing and styling. Mia will create nutritionally sound recipes along with stunning, highly shareable visuals for all media platforms. 


Mia frequently contributes to features on nutrition, food, entertaining, and lifestyle for major digital and print publications. Mia has an ability to translate hard science and relay it in a tangible way to the masses. She will write a timely, succinct and noteworthy article for your website or publication that is sure to capture your audience and impart valuable and relevant nutrition information.


Mia provides nutritional consulting for corporate and private clients. She specializes in nutrition communications and corporate wellness including developing and implementing communication tools for food companies, corporations, healthcare professionals and schools. Her expertise lies in educational material development, social media, website writing, blogging, and lecturing. Additionally, Mia is available to advise on product or menu development and analysis.

Personalized Counseling

Mia offers 1-on-1 counseling to clients in Charleston, South Carolina as well as remotely. This is for individuals seriously considering making changes in their lives around nutrition and food and could benefit from working with a qualified nutrition professional. You can book your initial consultation here.