CBS, Your Carolina Kitchen Staples You Can Use Year-round

YC Jan 25

As a dietitian, I am a huge proponent of making your meals at home! Not only are they typically healthier, they will save you money in the long run. Today on CBS WSPA-TV, I shared kitchen hacks that are going to help you make healthier choices seamlessly!

Invest in a quality juicer:

Juicing is great for those of us who don’t get all our fruits and veggies because one juice can easily pack your entire day’s serving which is about 5 for a healthy adult. I’ve owned several juicers, each with their pros and cons in terms of time and nutrient quality of the final product. If you are short on time, choose a juicer with a large feed chute because that is going to allow you to juice whole fruits and veggies faster, saving you time chopping away in the kitchen. The way a juicer works is it extracts the fiber and pulp and leaves you with the juice which has the majority of the nutrition in it.


Now what do you do with all that leftover pulp from the juice? You can actually use it to make crackers by placing it in a dehydrator. You can also use use a dehydrator to make delicious healthy snacks like banana chips, beef jerky and fruit roll ups with no added sugar. Definitely one of those unique kitchen gadgets that will quickly become a staple

Panini Press
I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love a good panini. I used a panini press on air to make two grilled cheese sandwiches made using Simple Kneads bread which is a gluten free bread based out of North Carolina made with all whole food ingredients like quinoa and pumpkin seeds. I shared a panini made using their quinoa power grains bread and my personal fave – their gluten-free sourdough.

Invest in a good serving set
How many of us have ruined perfectly good pans and cookware because of our metal serving ware? I shared some silicone serving utensils that will help protect pots and pans from scratches.



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