CBS, Your Carolina Lagom Your Home

lagom3This morning on Your Carolina I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and shared tips on how to “Lagom Your Home”. Ever since reading the “Magic Art of Tidying” by Marie, I have become obsessed with making my space feel like a home with just the right amount of things. 

I recommend this book to all my friends and family members because it really changed my outlook on “things”. Living in a tidy space with just what you need, makes you feel calm and affects the way you live your life.

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. It encourages balance and moderation in all areas of your life. Today I focused on the home – getting rid of what you don’t need and focusing on what you do need to create an efficient space that brings you joy and reduces stress.


My first tip is that you want to focus on items for your home that will serve more than one purpose. For instance, having curtains in your room will not only add a decorative element, it also serves a function as well. Choose one that is designed to block out any unwanted light and noise at night, which will  help promote a most restful nights sleep and ones that are energy efficient as well to help save on cooling and heating costs.

If you are like me (before reading Marie’s book), you have a linen closet overflowing with an array of different colored bath towels that are not in the best shape. I finally invested in a quality set that is going to last me a longer time. Choose bath towels crafted with high-quality ring spun cotton that will be extra soft, plush and absorbent.


My next tip is to make the most of the cookware. It’s important to invest in cookware that you are actually going to use and get a lot of use out of. I shared my copper frying pan set which is so trendy right now. I love it because you can take it from the stovetop to the kitchen table for serving and hang it up in the kitchen as a decorative element. It’s a piece of cookware you’ll probably use every day for your veggies and fish in the evening and omelets in the AM.

Art that serves a purpose

Charleston is such an artsy town which I have grown to absolutely love. Finding a beautiful piece of art to add to your home that also serves a function is the ultimate win-win. I shared a beautiful lamp by Ten Thousand Villages that was a fair trade item handcrafted by local artisans in Bangladesh. I love their organization because all proceeds go toward improving the live of the maker by supporting their craft and providing a stable income.

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