CBS TV Nutritionist Dietitian National Snack Month

In honor of national snack month, I shared some dietitian-approved options to satisfy every craving from your sweet to savory to crunchy. Today on CBS WSPA-TV Your Carolina!

Protein Bar for those on-the-go

First I shared the WOLO WanderBar, a protein bar specifically designed for those who travel and are on the go. I shared their three varieties: cocoa crunch, mint chocolate and peanut butter. They have a crispy crunchy bottom with a sweet velvety layer on top. Each bar has 15 grams of protein which provides staying power and they’re designed to be mess free so they are easy to eat on the road. You can find them at here they are currently offering 20% off plus free shipping.

A snack for savory lovers

For savory lovers I shared crunchy, oven-baked ParmCrisps made with two ingredients: 100% aged Parmesan cheese and seasonings. They packed with protein (9 grams per serving) and are an excellent source of calcium. You can use them as a crunchy topping for a salad, dip them into hummus or enjoy straight out of the bag.

My drink of choice (besides water!)

One of my favorite beverages to have in between meals is ORGANIC KOMBUCHA By Suja. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains PROBIOTICS, which are those beneficial bacteria that support digestion and immunity. I shared their four varieties: the Peach, Berry, Ginger and Green – all made with fruit, no added flavors or extracts. I tell my clients that they are slightly carbonated like soda but much lower in sugar.

A fun way to eat fruit (especially if you have kids)

Every dietitian will agree that fruit is a great snack in between meals. I shared a fun and unique way to enjoy it: in frozen fruit snacks by Froozer – simply made with a blend of frozen fruit – no added sugar, or preservatives – so you get all that great fiber, vitamins and minerals. They come in six different flavors including strawberry banana and mango.

Chocolate with benefits 

I shared a chocolate with benefits for sweet lovers –  a sugar-free chocolate chew called BasicBites. They were developed and tested at a dental school and contain nutrients that fortify teeth and help maintain enamel health. They are 15 calories each, can help satisfy a sweet tooth, you can even enjoy them as a bedtime snack since they recommend having AFTER you brush your teeth. You can find them at and on Amazon.

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