CBS: Your Carolina: Hosting Holiday Guests

There is so much that goes into hosting guests from out of town. As a dietitian, I’m here to make it fun and easy on the food front.

Shorten time in the kitchen

Make chopping, dicing and pureeing an absolute breeze: The T-Fal 5-Second Chopper is manually powered, no electricity needed simply pull on the top lever. You can use it for a variety of dishes from salsa to salad to soups. Also makes a great gift!

Coffee is essential: Especially when you are hosting guests! I shared the Savoy Turbo coffee maker by Krups which brews coffee 35% faster than their models and also allows you to adjust for boldness of your coffee if you want something more full-bodied. You can make 1 to 4 cups at a time, and it keeps the brewed coffee nice and warm for up to 4 hours.

Rethink the entree

Bean pastas: It’s not a secret that I love bean and lentil based pastas. They are loaded with protein and fiber unlike traditional pasta, which is primarily carbohydrates. Besides serving them with cheese and marinara, they are also a great addition to casseroles.

Get beverage-y

Ginger beer: Completely non-alcoholic, these are great for kids and adults alike. Of course you need ginger beer for your Moscow mules – make them kid or adult friendly and serve them out of your copper mugs.

Dirty martinis: I shared Gaea’s dirty martini juice specifically formulated to accompany either gin or vodka made with olive brine infused with different flavors like coriander and sweet and hot peppers – great to have on hand during the holidays when you are entertaining.

Red wine: Of course you can’t go wrong with a good red wine. Reds pair well with full-flavored fare like pasta and meat – so it’s great for the holiday season.