CBS, Good Day Sacramento Fridge Free Summer Snacks

Mia Syn TV Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

It’s summer, we want quick snacks that will keep well in our bag while we are laying at the pool. Today I shared some options on Good Day Sacramento that are dietitian-approved and none of them require a fridge!

Better for you Potato Chip Alternative

Chickbean Crisp by Saffron Road are a better-for-you potato chip alternative. Unlike your traditional potato chips, these have been BAKED and are made with great ingredients – chickpeas, lentils and even vegetables. My favorite flavor is the white cheddar but they also have ranch and sea salt. These also have no artificial flavors or preservatives so it’s something you can feel good about snacking on poolside.

3-Ingredient Energizing Snack Bites

I make these all the time especially if I need something on-the-go.  They are made with 2 cups of Natural Delights Medjool dates – I use the pitted Medjool dates, which saves me time in the kitchen and 1 cup of cashews. Add that to a food processor, form into your bites and roll them in your favorite toppings like coconut flakes or goji berries – but feel free to get creative. Medjool dates are my favorite healthy sweetening hack. Unlike refined sugar, which is pure carbohydrate, Medjool Dates add sweetness but also contain more potassium than a banana and are a good source of fiber, which supports digestion.

A snack that you might find in a dietitian’s pool bag

Canned tuna is one of the ONLY high-quality, on-the-go protein sources that has those good omega-3 fats. My favorite is Safe Catch’s Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna, which comes in six different blends. These have a really simple, clean ingredient list with no additives or fillers and has the lowest mercury level of any tuna brand on the market – something I look for as a dietitian. You can pair this with an avocado for a creamy base and you have a high protein, fridge-free snack that’s super nutritious.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

 I shared a healthier way to satisfy a sweet tooth — CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD by Naturally More. These only have 5 grams of sugar whereas conventional brands can pack up to 20. These also have flax and probiotics added which are those beneficial bacteria that support our digestion and immune system. Toss these pouches into your bag for some poolside protein and pair with fruit like Medjool Dates for a quick snack.

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Mia Syn TV Registered Dietitian Nutritionist