Thanksgiving is next week! Today on ABC Lowcountry Live, I shared tips on how to put together a nutritious spread and save time in the kitchen.

The ultimate time-saving dish

I partnered with Unilever to share a super simple three-step dish that anyone can make. Simply pair Knorr® Selects with lean protein like turkey and fresh veggies and you have a delicious, balanced dish ready in less than 15 minutes. This year, I’m part of Unilever’s Agents of Change Program along with nine dietitians from around the country. Our goal is to support Unilever’s mission, which is to provide food that tastes good, does good, and doesn’t cost the earth and Knorr is one of their products that embodies that.

A cooking staple for savory Thanksgiving dishes

Bone broth is a staple for so many Thanksgiving dishes. I shared the Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth which comes in seven savory flavors. What’s great about this bone broth is that its low in calories and high in protein – this one has 9 grams per serving. Everyone I share these with, loves them because they’re made with simple ingredients, perfectly seasoned and so versatile – you can use these to cook grains and beans. I use it in my stuffing and gravy.

It’s not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie

I shared my CHOCOLATE pumpkin pie made with the Chocti by 4th and Heart, which is their chocolate ghee, sweetened with dates. Ghee is a clarified butter that’s lactose-free, shelf stable and it’s especially great for high heat cooking because of its smoke point. If you want to go the savory route I like using the 4th and heart Himalayan pink salt Ghee for roasted veggies. Another easy Thanksgiving side dish.

Cheers with this seasonal beverage

Serve apple cider mules out of your copper mugs! I made mine with Uncle Matt’s Organic Apple Juice, which I love because it’s only made with one ingredient – organic apples — no added sugar. These are made using a cold-pressed method to extract the apple juice, which helps preserve flavor and nutrition and of course, apples are in season!

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