ABC, Lowcountry Live: Spring Entertaining

It finally feels like spring in Charleston! Today I shared Spring Entertaining ideas with a healthy twist for Good Food Friday!

A nutritious way to do chips and dip

Swap potato chips out for ChickBean Crisps by Saffron Road! They are made with chickpeas, lentils and vegetables – so you’re getting protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are baked instead of fried and gluten-free! Find them at Harris Teeter, Publix and Whole Foods here in Charleston.

Flavor dishes for few calories

Pacific’s new organic tomato stock and tomato and red pepper stocks are a great way to add flavor to your spring dishes for very little calories. They come in convenient 8-ounce cartons so you can keep them in your pantry. And like all Pacific’s products, these are made with minimal ingredients that are high quality – organic tomatoes, bell peppers, seasonings and water – that’s it!

Two veggies to incorporate this spring

Radishes and celery are two seasonal veggies to incorporate this spring. I shared Ready Radishes by Dandy, that come in three cuts– the whole, mini sticks and coins – great for tossing into a salad. Their celery was developed to be sweeter, crisper and have fewer strings so it’s easier to eat.  Their website, has great downloadable resources for recipe inspiration –

A nutritious way to do pasta

If you have been following Nutrition By Mia for a while, then you know I love replacing traditional pasta with pasta made with legumes. I shared Tolerant’s legume pasta. It’s gluten-free, higher in protein and fiber, and a good source of iron and B vitamins. The chickpea pasta is their newer product. My favorite is the red lentil because it’s only made with one ingredient – red lentils – and it tastes closest to traditional pasta.

Festive and delicious spring cocktails

I shared my  strawberry lemon daiquiris to celebrate spring. They’re made with this better-for-you organic craft soda called Sipp which is made with organic fruits and herbs, lightly sweetened with agave nectar. Great to have on hand for the busy hostess and can be used a cocktail mixer or enjoyed on its own.

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