ABC Lowcountry Live: Healthy New Year Kick Off

TV Dietitian Nutritionist Mia Syn ABC True Lemon, Beetnik, Super Collagen Neocell, FlavaNaturals

Many of us have set resolutions to eat a little healthier. Today on Lowcountry live I shared my picks for a healthy new year kick off!

Easy, healthy meals for busy days

After the holidays we could all use a little reset. The organic frozen meals by Beetnik make it really easy! Lower in sodium than your standard frozen meals and packed with great flavor. All of their meals are certified gluten free, made with animals humanely raised in pastures without hormones or antibiotics and most are paleo.

Swap soda for this low cal/low sugar alternative

If you are a soda person, the True Lemon Energy and Iced Teas are a great alternative. They are a crystallized-citrus drink mix made with real fruit and sweetened with stevia or a touch of sugar so they have 0 to 10 calories per serving. It’s also a great way to help increase your water intake throughout the day, which is so important for keeping energy levels up and boosting the immune system. You can find them on Amazon, and most major grocery stores.

Eat for beauty

Women often turn to makeup to look and feel our best but as a dietitian, I know that it really starts on our plate. Foods like leafy greens, avocado and salmon have been studied for ability to slow the aging process. Collagen powder is also one of those foods. Collagen protein makes up most of our skin, joints and bones and after the age of 25, production naturally declines which can manifest as wrinkles and thinning hair, for example.Collagen powders like the Super Collagen by NeoCell have been shown to help fill in the gaps.

Say YES to chocolate in 2018

No need to forgo chocolate with your healthy New Year resolutions. I shared chocolate bars and unsweetened drinking chocolate mixes by FlavaNaturals. What’s unique about them is that they have up to 9x more flavanol antioxidants than your standard chocolate, which research has shown benefit the brain, heart and skin. You can add the drinking chocolates to smoothies, coffee, oatmeal – which are also a part of their 10 day challenge! The chocolate bars come in unique flavors like ginger cinnamon and blueberry matcha.

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