Mia Syn Dietitian TV Nutrition Expert

Summertime screams backyard BBQ! Today I shared tips on on how to make a tasty but healthier spread.

Rethink your potato chips

We’ll start with an easy appetizer. Red Rice and quinoa tortilla chips are a better-for-you alternative to your potato chips. I shared the Organic Grounded Snacks by Lundberg Farms that come in five varieties including spicy, savory and sweet. They are light, crispy and made with simple ingredients.  You can serve these with your guacamole or hummus.

Guacamole Burgers and Mediterranean Meatloaf Sliders

Burgers are essential for any backyard BBQ! Be mindful of the meat that you use and be sure to utilize summer ingredients. I shared Laura’s Lean Beef, which has a great selection of leaner cuts that are lower in saturated fat – which is something I look for as a dietitian. All their beef is vegetarian-fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics. It’s a better-for-you grilling option that you can feel good about serving your guests. You can find these two simple recipes on their website for your next backyard BBQ bash.

Rethink your white bread hamburger buns

When it comes to hamburger buns, these are a great alternative to your white bread: millet and chia buns by Little Northern Bakehouse, which is a gluten-free brand. Millet is a whole grain so it has fiber and B vitamins. Chia seeds might be small in size but they are an excellent source of fiber as well, and those good omega-3 fats. These have a nice texture, hold up well and don’t need to be toasted so they are ready to serve out of the bag.

Don’t forget dessert but make it healthier!

We can’t forget dessert! I shared donuts, cookies, brownies and sweet potato donuts from Squirrel & The Bee. All of their desserts are free of grains, gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Instead they are sweetened with raw local honey and made with nut flours. These can accommodate friends and family with dietary restrictions but of course everyone can enjoy them. You can order some of your own from their online bakery!

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