Mia Syn TV Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Next Friday marks the official start of FALL! This morning I shares some seasonal meal ideas that are easy to throw together that the whole family can enjoy.

Warm up with a fall breakfast

Instead of grits for breakfast, I recommend switching it up this fall with QUINOA. I share my go-to fall breakfast bowl made with pumpkin and Lundberg Family Farms Organic Quinoa. I used their antique white variety but they also have a tricolor blend which goes great in salads. Quinoa is one of my favorite whole grains (it’s actually a seed but is prepared similarly to a whole grain!) – it cooks up fluffy, it has a nutty taste and it’s a good source of protein, fiber and B vitamins.

Warm salads are IN this fall

We can’t forget the veggies this fall! I shared my easy warm fall salad made with Mann’s Power Blend, which is a mixture of veggies that have been shredded and packed into one convenient bag for you. The blend I used has Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale some of the most nutrient-rich veggies out there. Their veggie blends hold up well in warm salads which makes them a great addition to your fall fare as we transition to warmer meals.

The easiest way to get dinner on the table this fall

One of the easiest ways to feed the whole family this fall is the crockpot. I shared my 5 ingredient crockpot chicken flavored with San-J’s new Hoisin Asian cooking sauce. It’s both savory and sweet, which makes it really versatile — you can use it to flavor your proteins and your veggies.It is made with their gluten-free tamari soy sauce, there’s some ginger as well – which I really like.

Make any treat…DESSERTT!

We all are familiar with truwhip, a light, fluffy, better-for-you whipped topping. I recently came across truwhirl at Harris Teeter which comes in a squeezable decorating bag, with a decorative tip. I use it to top my pumpkin breakfast parfaits and apple spice muffins… transforming them to dessert instantly. A helpful tip for the busy hostess. 

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