Not everyone loves turkey and pumpkin pie, especially the little ones. Today on CBS, Your Carolina I shared ideas for Thanksgiving at the kid’s table.

Regulate sugar intake with flavored water

We know that the holidays can be filled with a lot of sweets so one way to help regulate the sugar intake is to control what the kids are drinking. Infuse water with fresh fruit for something refreshing without the added sugar. 

Trick them into eating healthy

Kids can be some of the pickiest eaters so sometimes you have to trick them in order to get in the good stuff … and what kid doesn’t like pasta? I shared my favorite bean and edamame pastas, a good source of protein and fiber compared to your traditional pasta, which is primarily carbohydrate. Jazz it up with some marinara and you have a nutritious entrée.

Flavor dishes with cooking oil

Instead of your typical olive or canola oil you can switch it up with a flavored cooking oil. Some of my favorite are the ghee and rosemary infused cooking oils that you can make at home. 

Don’t forget dessert

Not everyone likes pumpkin pie – it’s hard to believe, so I shared a kid-friendly dessert: mochi ice cream in mint chocolate chip, strawberry and cookies and cream. No prep needed, you can serve them straight out of the freezer.