Guide to: Apple Season


Apple season is here and I plan on taking full advantage of this quintessential fall flavor! Apples range not only in color and taste, but also in texture, meaning some are more suitable for baking into apple pies while some are better off eaten fresh on their own.

Perusing the farmers’ market you’ll find crimson red, lemony yellow, and bright green varieties with flesh ranging from soft to crisp. Sweet, tart, spicy, and tangy are ways to describe our favorites and should be considered when it comes to cooking and baking fall recipes in the cooler months.

I’ve created this “guide to apples” to guide you in your traditional cooking endeavors. What a lot of people don’t realize is that apples range broadly in terms of their use. Some unique innovative ways to use apples this season include not only apple pie but salad dressing, soups, savory dishes and raw desserts. I hope to share more recipes showcasing fall’s favorite fruit in the weeks to come.


Fiber: One medium apple meets 18% of our daily fiber needs. Its insoluble fiber aids digestion and regularity by helping food pass through the digestive tract quickly and seamlessly. Soluble fiber in apples is linked to heart health and blood sugar control.

Vitamin C: Oranges aren’t the only source of this collagen-producing nutrient and antioxidant. An apple a day keeps the doctor away (and provides 14% of our daily vitamin C needs.)

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