December 14, 2015

Nutrient Series: Fats

Some dietary fat is important for our health but it largely depends on the type because not all fats are the same. Lipids are our major storage form of energy in the form of triglycerides in adipose tissue. Lipids are a vital constituent of cell membrane and are mediators of […]
December 7, 2015

Nutrient Series: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an important macronutrient when it comes to our energy levels. When I ask patients what comes to mind with the word carbohydrate, they almost always say the obvious: bread, pasta, and sweets. However these aren’t the other sources of carbohydrates.  When it comes to this important macronutrient, what […]
November 30, 2015

Nutrient Series: Protein

Unlike the micronutrients that I have been highlighting in this series, macronutrients like protein are required by the body in greater amounts from food for optimal health. Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Some of these amino acids can be made by the body but some are […]
November 4, 2015

Nutrient Series: Vitamin B12

This water soluble B vitamin is important for energy metabolism, formation of red blood cells, and maintence of the central nervous system. Vegetarians and B12 B12 is definitely a nutrient that vegetarians should be aware of. B12 is made by bacteria, fungi and algae. Therefore, only animal foods contain B12 […]