ABC, Lowcountry Live: Prep Your Kitchen For Spring

Mia Syn Celebrity Registered Dietitian Nutritionist TV Expert As we get into spring-cleaning, let’s not forget our pantry and fridge! Today I shared some delicious and nutritious swaps for Good Food Friday on ABC Lowcountry Live.

Eat more fruit this spring!

Froozer frozen fruit snacks are a unique and delicious way to enjoy fruit this spring. They’re made with a blend of 100% whole fruit and no added sugar, so you get all that great fiber, vitamins and minerals. What’s neat about these is that they’re enjoyed by many Olympic athletes and we know that their diets are very clean! You can find them at Publix and Walmart. Nutrition By Mia followers can use a coupon available at this link!

Pantry staple for spring meals

Nutiva’s Organic Liquid Coconut Oil is a spring cooking and baking staple. Because it remains liquid at room temperature, it’s convenient to have on hand for a variety of different meals – both sweet and savory. It is available in two flavors- the Classic and Garlic, both of which can be used in lieu of other cooking oils like olive or canola. I like using the classic flavor in sweet recipes – like your baked goods and salad dressings. While the garlic flavor goes great in savory stir-fry’s and dips.

Cut back on sugar this spring without feeling deprived

I shared a better-for-you SUGAR swap called Sugar 2.0. It’s a blend of 50% sugar and 50% fiber so it has a third of the calories you’d find in regular sugar. Fiber is important for digestion. They even offer a blend that has probiotics added which are those beneficial bacteria that support gut health. You can use it as a 1 to 1 replacement for sugar in your baked goods, coffee, even homemade ice cream.

Allegen-friendly snacks

I shared some delicious snack options from Free2BFoods including their sunflower butter cups, snack breaks and their NEW Chewy Bars and Chewy Bites, which will be launching next month! What’s unique about their snacks is that they are free of the top food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts and soy, even gluten and dairy – so they’re safe to bring to school and into the workplace.

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