I headed to Greenville this weekend and got to experience the splendor of the upstate, the annual Fall for Greenville festival and the Michelin on Main studio for my Meatless Monday Segment on CBS Your Carolina.

I shared three tips for meatless Monday:

1. Try it before you commit. Try a vegan or vegetarian meal delivery service before committing to a completely plant-based lifestyle. 

2. Make sure you are getting enough protein. You can easily meet your protein needs on a plant-based diet. Hummus and peanut butter are two of my favorites and so are flax and hempseed. Hemp seeds are one of the only plant-based sources of a complete protein meaning they contain the essential amino acids that our body cannot make (and therefore must obtain from food).

3. Flavor! No one likes boring meals. Mustard can spice up any bland dish and isn’t just for hamburgers or hot dogs. Add it to salad dressings or marinades for lots of flavor for very little kcals.

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