It’s national Italy day and what better way to celebrate than with some authentic Italian food and wine. Italian culture is all about joy and celebration. Food is something that can bring the whole family together and help create those memorable experiences around the table.

After visiting Italy and tasting the delicious wines produced in Napa Valley near my California home, I can appreciate a wine with quality taste and excellent pairing ability. I love Pinot Grigio and Prosecco in the summer months to pair with my pasta and seafood.

Choose pasta made with organic lentils and chickpeas. This is an easy way to put a healthy twist on a classic Italian dish. 

You’ll want to invest in quality cookware when preparing an authentic Italian meal. Choose a quality stewpot with a double insulated lid to help recirculate moisture to produce a delicious minestrone, polenta, or even soup and pasta.

What’s an Italian meal without dessert… preferably involving chocolate. Add dark chocolate desserts for some added antioxidants.

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