Convenience food is typically deemed unhealthy – we think fast food and processed foods but as dietitian, I know that there is such thing as nutritious and convenient. This morning I shared some great options for every meal of the day that kids and adults will love.


Save time on busy mornings with a delicious and convenient plant-based breakfast. It’s important to have a healthy and convenient breakfast option available on those busy mornings when we’re running out the door. Studies show that if we skip breakfast, we are more likely to overdo it later in the day so I always advocate even something small. I shared a delicious option (because all food should taste good!): the Bacon, Egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich by Sweet Earth which is a company that focuses on vegan and vegetarian products. They use their award-winning vegan bacon, which has that same great taste but without all that saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s loaded with protein and fiber from their homemade flax bread so this is going to keep you full until lunchtime. Pop this in the microwave and breakfast is served. 

Make snack time easy without having to put much thought into it. I shared Love With Food, which is a healthy snack subscription service. This is great for moms who have that on-the-go lifestyle. They send you a box of 15 all natural and organic snacks each month for less than $20. It’s a great way to help you discover new ones without having to navigate the snack aisle each week and read every label. They have a starter box option as well as their deluxe and gluten-free boxes. You can order them at their website and viewers can get $5 off using code snackswithmia at checkout. For every box purchased, they donate 1-2 meals to the food bank.

A lot of us make healthy food choices but we forget about the importance of portion control, which can really make or break a healthy diet. I shared Yumbox, which makes adult and kid-friendly lunch boxes. Each box has multiple compartments so it encourages us to pack a variety of foods but in the right portions, which can help promote healthy eating habits. Their boxes are leak-proof, BPA-free, and compact so you can take them with you to school or work.

Ordering takeout is tempting at the end of a long day. I shared a great dinner option for busy families – it’s a healthy meal kit delivery service called Hello Fresh. They deliver fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes each week directly to your door. You can select how many people you are feeding, how many meals you want and choose from over 10 new recipes each week. It really takes the stress out of planning and shopping so you can relax knowing that you have a healty meal ready to be made at home. Meals prepared at home are typically healthier and more economical than eating out. You can order our first box at their website and they are offering viewers $30 off to viewers using code WSPA at checkout.

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